Social program

For all participants to FIMH 2015

A journey into history and music

Friday’s social event is a unique experience in which you dip yourself into history while enjoying food, wine and music.

We’ll start at Maastricht City Council where we not only have a reception, but also get introduced to the unique history of Maastricht in which sovereignty of the city was granted to two parties: the Prince-Bishop of Liege and the Duke of Brabant. This history is reflected in the construction of Maastricht City Hall.

Thereafter we continue our tour towards the Vrijthof, the main square of Maastricht. We will spend the rest of the evening in the Spanish Government building, which houses the

Museum at the Vrijthof. There we will enjoy a walking diner larded with drinks. Most of all you’ll be treated with a private concert. In between the courses, Agris Hartmanis (Baritone) and Michelle Powell (Piano) will perform and make a musical journey through history in four 20 minutes recitals.

We offer this unique experience that lasts from 6.30 pm – 11.00 pm for only 80 euro (all included). Payments are due in cash at the museum entrance.

Please register a.s.a.p. by sending an email to the ‘organization’ email address at this domain, as we will have to communicate an estimate of the number of participants to the museum and city council.

We hope many participants will join us for this special evening.