Review process

In total 72 papers were submitted to fimh 2015. These manuscripts were subjected to a double blind review process by at least two program committee members. Three external reviewers assisted the program committee. On average, three reviews were solicited per submission.
On the basis of these reviews, the conference chairs rejected 10 submissions. Authors of all other submissions were given the opportunity to respond to the reviews by means of a rebuttal, after which reviewers were given the chance to adjust their original scores. Based on the rebuttals and the final scores of the reviewers, the conference chairs decided to reject another 7 submissions. One submission was withdrawn by the authors. So finally 54 submissions were accepted for presentation at fimh 2015, and for publication in the Springer proceedings, vol. 9126, 2015.


submissions received 72
submissions rejected early 10
submissions rejected after rebuttal 7
submissions withdrawn 1
submissions accepted 54

Origin of submitted and accepted papers

FIMH2015 submitted pie FIMH2015 accepted pie
fimh 2015 submitted papers per country fimh 2015 accepted papers per country