Keynote speakers

FIMH 2015 will feature four keynote speakers:

Dr. Mark Friedberg will talk about the harsh world of getting data, especially in kids. Questions that will be addressed are

  • Echocardiography: should you aim for detailed measurements or do you have to go with longitudinal eyeballing?
  • How reliable are data?
  • What is circadian, doctor, patient influence on the actual value?
  • Are values in rest to be used or should you measure in multiple situations?

Prof. Darrel Francis will talk about the reliability of input data for models: how doctors collect and interpret data. For example, if not blinded, doctors strive to understand the whole picture. If measured data do not fit their perception, the measurement will be repeated. Also patient selection and base line definition play a major role. Often, reported treatment effects are proportional with the amount of methodological errors.

Prof. Michiel van den Broeke will talk about modeling in meteorology: sample resolution, sample quality, reliability of models, what do politicians want to hear, what is hearsay and what are facts? This is not related to the heart, but his message can be understood by – and is important for – anyone.

Prof. Antoon Moorman will discuss how imaging techniques and analyses can and did help understanding cardiac development.