Poster session 2: Friday 12:00h – 13:00h & 13:45h – 15:00h

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Friday June 26, 2015: 12:00h – 13:00h & 13:45h – 15:00hBordeaux room
Poster session 2
Learning A Global Descriptor of Cardiac Motion from a Large Cohort of 1000+ Normal Subjects
Wenjia Bai, Devis Peressutti, Ozan Oktay, Wenzhe Shi, Declan P. O’Regan, Andrew P. King, Daniel Rueckert
Quantifying Structural and Functional Differences between Normal and Fibrotic Ventricles
Prashanna Khwaounjoo, Ian J. LeGrice‎, Mark L. Trew, Bruce H. Smaill
Steps towards quantification of the cardiological stress exam
R. Chabiniok, E. Sammut, M. Hadjicharalambous, L. Asner, D. Nordsletten, R. Razavi, N. Smith
3D Farnebäck Optic Flow for Extended Field of View of Echocardiography
A. Danudibroto, O. Gerard, M. Alessandrini, O. Mirea, J. D’hooge, E. Samset
Viewpoint recognition in cardiac CT images
Mehdi Moradi, Noel C. Codella, Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
Application of diffuse optical reflectance to measure myocardial wall thickness and presence of infarct scar: a Monte Carlo simulation study
Yee Chia Tang, Martin J. Bishop
Left atrial segmentation from 3D respiratory- and ECG-gated magnetic resonance angiography
Rashed Karim, Henry Chubb, Wieland Staab, Shadman Aziz, R. James Housden, Mark O’Neill, Reza Razavi, Kawal Rhode
Subject Independent Reference Frame for the Left Ventricular Detailed Cardiac Anatomy
Bruno Paun, Bart Bijnens, Constantine Butakoff
Sparsity and Biomechanics Inspired Integration of Shape and Speckle Tracking for Cardiac Deformation Analysis
Nripesh Parajuli, Colin B. Compas, Ben A. Lin, Smita Sampath, Matthew O’Donnell, Albert J. Sinusas, James S. Duncan
A Framework for Determination of Heart Valves’ Mechanical Properties using Inverse-Modeling Approach
Ankush Aggarwal, Michael S. Sacks
Determining Anisotropic Myocardial Stiffness from Magnetic Resonance Elastography: A Simulation Study
Renee M. Miller, Haodan Jiang, Ria Mazumder, Brett Cowan, Martyn P. Nash, Arunark Kolipaka, Alistair Young
Efficient Numerical Schemes for Computing Cardiac Electrical Activation over Realistic Purkinje Networks: Method and Verification
Matthias Lange, Simone Palamara, Toni Lassila, Christian Vergara, Alfio Quarteroni, Alejandro F. Frangi
Issues in Modeling Cardiac Optical Mapping Measurements
Gwladys Ravon, Yves Coudière, Angelo Iollo, Oliver Bernus, Richard D. Walton
Sensitivity of the electrocardiography inverse solution to the torso conductivity uncertainties
N. Zemzemi, R. Aboulaich, N. Fikal, E. El Guarmah