Oral session 4: Friday 10:30h – 11:30h

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Friday June 26, 2015: 10:30h – 11:30hCéramique room
Atrial electrophysiology
chairs: Gunnar Seemann, Richard Clayton
10:30 10:50 Data-Driven Model Reduction for Fast, High Fidelity Atrial Electrophysiology Computations
Huanhuan Yang, Tiziano Passerini, Tommaso Mansi, Dorin Comaniciu
10:50 11:10 Sequential state estimation for electrophysiology models with front level-set data using topological gradient derivations
Annabelle Collin, Dominique Chapelle, Philippe Moireau
11:10 11:30 Left and Right Atrial Contribution to the P-Wave in Realistic Computational Models
Axel Loewe, Martin W. Krueger, Pyotr G. Platonov, Fredrik Holmqvist, Olaf Dössel, Gunnar Seemann
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